“Typography will always be the greatest challenge, with immense satisfaction.”

After Vincenzo found himself moving to the United States from Palermo, Italy, the culture shock intrigued him, a new era, the music and contemporary art scene of 1970’s New York City. Strongly influenced by the exposure to and participation in such scenes, Vincenzo was compelled to approach design as art, and art as design.

Starting at the Art and Design High School and attending SVA for a BFA in Graphic Design, Vincenzo went on to work at small studios and large corporations, all while being able to teach, design and create art everyday as an adjunct at FIT for the past 30 years. Vincenzo enjoys collecting visuals to recycle, reinterpret, reprocess, recontextualize and question the surveillance and appropriation of cultures. Otherwise you can find him listening to music while gliding through space on two wheels.