1; we’re committed to student-centered learning. finding, and cultivating a personal and creative voice is fundamental.’’’’;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; we practice typography as an independent and expressive thinking tool throughout all of our design projects.

2; we call for design that matters & responds to social and cultural issues. we are aware of what’s going on in the ;;;;``;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;’’’’;;;; world.

3;we develop overarching skills that translate to sustained positions in the vast field of design and utilize the full range of media ,,,,;;;;;;;;;; from the tactile to advanced digital technology.

this website was designed and developed by GD alumni elliot jover, lauren salerno, and chloe delosreyes. special thank you to the original letfliesfly.com creators - emily kelly, lena kourgouzov, jenna solomon, troy vasilakis, and the GD action committee - and elizabeth hartley. all projects used on this website are the work of recent graphic design students. thank you!