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Addison ︎︎︎ Alfalfa ︎︎︎ American Museum of Natural History ︎︎︎ antianti ︎︎︎ ASCAP ︎︎︎ Audible, Inc ︎︎︎ Baron and Baron ︎︎︎ BBDO ︎︎︎ Bellucci Napoli ︎︎︎ 

Bergdorf Goodman ︎︎︎ Bernhardt Fudyma Design ︎︎︎ Bluefly ︎︎︎ Bolds Creative ︎︎︎ Cake & Arrow ︎︎︎ Coty Beauty ︎︎︎ Current ︎︎︎ Dagr Nott ︎︎︎ DAZN ︎︎︎ Def Jam Music ︎︎︎ Doyle Partners ︎︎︎ 

Edelman Digital ︎︎︎ Elizabeth Arden ︎︎︎ Eponym ︎︎︎ FILA ︎︎︎ Fohr ︎︎︎ Four32C ︎︎︎ Funny Garbage ︎︎︎ Fusion Lab ︎︎︎ Gretel ︎︎︎ 

HDMade ︎︎︎ Hearst ︎︎︎ Hoefler&Co ︎︎︎ Hyperkat ︎︎︎ IKEA ︎︎︎ Inked Magazine ︎︎︎ Interbrand ︎︎︎ Island Records ︎︎︎  Kern+Lead ︎︎︎ LaCoste ︎︎︎Lemonade ︎︎︎

MAC Cosmetics ︎︎︎ Madison Square Garden ︎︎︎ Martha Stewart ︎︎︎ Marvel Comics ︎︎︎ Modell’s ︎︎︎  MoMA︎︎︎ Mother ︎︎︎ MRM/Mcann ︎︎︎ MTWTF ︎︎︎ Museum of the City of New York ︎︎︎ Nasdaq ︎︎︎ Nike ︎︎︎ 

NY Public Library at Lincoln Center ︎︎︎ Oprah ︎︎︎ OrangeYouGlad ︎︎︎ Original Champions of Design ︎︎︎ Otto ︎︎︎ Partners & Spade ︎︎︎ Pentagram ︎︎︎ Potion Design ︎︎︎ QNY Creative ︎︎︎ Reit Design ︎︎︎ R/GA ︎︎︎ Ro&Co ︎︎︎ Saks Fifth Avenue ︎︎︎ 

Scholastic ︎︎︎ Shutterstock ︎︎︎ Small Stuff ︎︎︎ Squeaky Media ︎︎︎ Standard Issue ︎︎︎ Sudler & Hennessy ︎︎︎ Suka ︎︎︎ Tender Creative ︎︎︎ The New York Islanders ︎︎︎ The Spark Group ︎︎︎ The Vera Institute of Criminal Justice ︎︎︎ 

ThinkBrands ︎︎︎ Tribeca Film Institute ︎︎︎ Unified Field ︎︎︎ Universal Music Group ︎︎︎ V Agency ︎︎︎ Viacom ︎︎︎ Vice Media ︎︎︎



Class of 2007

Ryotatsu Tanaka, Hitomi Ishigaki, Ryo Kumazaki

In their final semester at FIT these three alumni teamed up to found Studio Newwork, a graphic design studio based in New York recognized for its effortless elegance in branding, editorial, and fashion. These diehard type nerds will spare no detail in their quest for design excellence and product quality. You may have heard of their award-winning magazine, Newwork Magazine, which has earned its place in the MoMA library.

Class of 2017

Eileen Vidal︎︎︎ 

Orange You Glad

Now a mid-level designer at the studio she started interning with in undergrad, Eileen continues to pursue her love for branding and visual storytelling. As an illustrator, having the opportunity to combine her love of art and design is key, and OYG has proven to be the perfect fit. Aside from her day job, Eileen is actively working on personal projects like tackling larger scale illustrations, packaging design for a CBD beverage client, and volunteering her design skills for mutual aid efforts in her community.

Class of 2019

Reid Parsekian︎︎︎


Reid first studied fine arts including; drawing, oil painting, ceramics, sculpture and more. He later completed the graphic design program at FIT. During his senior year Reid landed an internship at Pentagram. It quickly became a full-time job after his graduation in 2019. Reid also helped develop Official Signs and Icons 3, considered by many to be the bible of symbol signs and wayfinding pictograms. Today he specializes in many areas such as visual identity development, web design, kinetic typography, and environmental graphics.

Class of 2014

Fred Pirlot︎︎︎

Manuel Miranda Practice

Fred is an artist by nature with a background in creating public, non-commissioned and non-paid mural art. Through his work with MMP, he uses graphic design to make places and content visible, legible, and navigable. Working within community, cultural, institutional, and corporate contexts, he strives to employ multiple visual rhetorics across an expansive media spectrum. Fred speaks three languages, has degrees in sociology, communication design and graphic design, paints on things, and has even won some awards for his work.

Class of 2006

Jee Lee-Longo︎︎︎


You might recognize Jee from elsewhere on the site. For over a decade Jee has worked on a wide range of projects including books, publications, branding, packaging, visual identities, promotional designs, and websites for various clients. She started her career working for some of the best designers of our time like Milton Glaser (1929-2020) and Mirko Ilic. She originally studied international political economy before changing course to follow her heart in the creative field. When not designing, you'll most likely find her on a tennis court.



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