semseter  6;
typeface design

This course is a dive off the deep end into the expressive potential of typography, glyphs, and symbols (yes, there’s a difference).

A solid foundation in typographic handling is a necessity for a designer.

In this course, you’ll learn more about type than just counters. You’ll walk away with an arsenal of tools under your belt: understanding of optical sequencing, the relationship between words and image, eclectic type stylization, legibility of form, contemporary type application, etc.

Oh don’t worry. We’ll design some type too.

Through research-based projects and insightful critiques, you’ll walk away with an understanding of the innovative potential of typography as both visual language and carrier of message. Throughout the semester, you’ll develop your ability to enhance and communicate by utilizing visual and typographic means—skills that will be invaluable to you as you continue to grow and explore as a designer in this program and beyond FIT.

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