What do you want to say? what does publication mean to you? whats your take on a designers authorship? get your hands dirty & let them eat cake.

Print aficionados: rejoice! Digital natives: approach curiously!  It’s time to get down and dirty and make what some might call a print publication.

What is commonly called “communication design” is a misnomer. Contrary to popular belief, the practice is not just about communication, nor is it just a visual field.

Communication design is an intellectual process that relies on the artist or designer's ability to have an opinion and bring that opinion to life through their work.

The words in a magazine do not exist out of context. Coupled with imagery and assigned hierarchical values, these words become a direct reflection of the concepts they convey. This course is about creating powerful messages through the dance of type and image in print media. (Don’t be fooled, though, as these principles can absolutely be carried over to digital applications!)

With a heavy emphasis on concept, you’ll be designing a range of niche magazines in this class that express original contents or reformulate found (existing) raw material. We’ll explore the relationship between type and image and how that determines the understanding of the content at hand. Paper? Of course. Other conceptually appropriate materials and surfaces? That’s up to you!!