Semester 8

Internship  GD 493

Professionally prepared with an internship lined up, now’s your time to shine in a workplace environment. By making a Spring internship part of your credited course load, our goal is to enable a seamless transition from an educational to professional work environment.

Through in-person and virtual discussions, your instructor will help you navigate what might be your first time working in the “real world” and develop a further understanding of your part in a professional design team.

The objective of this course is to make sure you’re able to demonstrate the skills you’ve acquired throughout the program in a professional setting. This experience will enhance your understanding of the graphic design profession, allow you to exercise the self-management necessary for a commitment to lifetime learning, and teach you to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to a variety of design concepts and solutions in a workplace environment.

We’ll cap off the semester with an organized Portfolio Review event. You’ll have the opprtunity to meet and review your work with people from industry-leading companies like Pentagram, BARREL, and Fast Company who are devoted to giving you actionable insights on improving your design portfolio.

Some fine print: You’ll be required to work on-site 2 days a week for 12 weeks and write a brief reflection about it, after which you’ll hopefully have some killer experience under your belt and be ready to take on whatever comes next!

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