semseter  5;
core studio 1: design and methodology

So begins our three-part sequence of Core Studio. Core I focuses on exploration, process, and expression of versatile concepts and design variations, research and developing analysis and critical thinking skills. We’ll draw from history as a conceptual jumping-off point. Historical events provide us with enriching archives of content in which we can examine places, events, and ideas within their cultural context.

Histories are not definitive nor absolute, which allows us as designers to discover and establish a range of alternate perspectives as we critically reevaluate a chosen historical event. (And don’t worry, you and your classmates will get the chance to agree on an event that’s interesting!)

Okay, so we choose an event and then what? Quite frankly, obsess over it. (We call it research, but it’s really one in the same.) Find something about this event that resonates with you and conduct personal research.

Brimming with new-found knowledge on the topic, your objective from there is to create three poster triptychs for a specific audience that express your newly established viewpoint of this event. The challenge with this fractured canvas is to convey a message on different levels: each poster of any given triptych is meant to work independently as a variant of the total narrative and message when integrated into the triptych, however, each poster is also a self-standing segment of the larger message, both visually and conceptually. We do not rely on visual clichés nor stock photography. Instead, we’ll create our own images through experimentation and exploration with a variety of media ranging from stencil work to computer-generated 3-D images. These posters can ultimately be constructed in print as well as digital applications.

As a celebration of our collective accomplishments, we create an event at the end of the Fall semester where these triptychs have historically been exhibited in the Great Hall. On the floor. Because we’re humble like that (and it’s also pretty cool). This event provides a unique opportunity to get involved with the planning and execution of a pop-up show, and to share our work with the design community at large. Invite your friends, invite your parents, invite your friend’s friends—you’ll have  earned it.

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