semseter  7;
core studio 3: design and innovation

Is there a source of conflict within your everyday community you’ve had the urge to investigate a bit...  maybe even propose a way of changing it?

In this last phase of a three-part sequence of classes, you’ll have the opportunity to identify a need or everyday problem within your community, and focus on design innovations that can positively reshape relationships between people and communities in their respective social and cultural environments.

Using the infamous what, when, where, who, and why, you’ll qualify the issue in detail by proposing, developing, and designing an innovative product, space or service that addresses the defined problem; 

The primary objective of this endeavor is to use your investigations of historical, societal, cultural, political, and economic backgrounds to communicate a clear and effective design solution through print and digital media, environmental applications, product design,
and/or moving images.

As designers, we have the opportunity to employ design that motivates people to take action, shift everyday behavior, and enable individuals to have a positive outlook on the future. Is there something you’d like to shake up a bit, and how will you go about proposing it?

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