semseter  5;
core studio 2: design and culture

Look around you. Do you see a chair? A mirror? Have you ever wondered the significance behind everyday objects?
Every culture is made up of two aspects, material culture (what we can see and touch) and nonmaterial culture (practices that we cannot see or touch unless actions are taken).

In a semester-long project, you will have the opportunity to work alongside other members of the class as each individual embarks on a study of identity and culture of their chosen everyday object.

As designers, we utilize research to explore narrative, typography, and infographics as alternate methods of visualization to develop a concept of form and communicate complex ideas in a series of cultural research books.

These research books explore material culture, cultural comparisons, as well as touching upon your own personal context.

You will introduce and explore alternative methods of visualizing narration through storytelling, typographic exploration, and diagrammatic representation, all uniquely powerful tools for building an understanding of using graphic design as communication.

Graphic designers don’t just make books, we dabble in the digital world as well. After completing your research and documentation, you’ll finish the course by developing a website inspired by your everyday object.

What will you find out about your object?

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