BERNARDO campoy / @justincampoyart

In his 80th year, Francisco Goya wrote “Aun Aprendo” on his drawing of an old man hunched over, leaning on a cane. “Always be learning” is Bernardo’s credo as well. Creative thought should always be experimenting and tinkering. Expansive and open.
Bernardo’s creative interests bounce between design and fine art, often swimming in the uncomfortable place in-between. He has always been more interested in creativity itself, than in labels and tidy little definitions.

Academically, Bernardo is most interested in how visual culture shapes us and defines our existence in a capitalistic society. The visual bombardment is constant. Design has tremendous power and influence. Designers must understand their responsibilities, and have their eyes wide open.

Bernardo has been teaching design and art courses for more than 20 years. He holds an MFA, an MA, and a BA. When not teaching Bernardo enjoys time with his family, makes art, reads books, and contemplates the existential dilemma of consuming pop culture.